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[Printed in USA] F*** Off: Sorry I meant Good Morning – White 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug


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Ceramic Coffee Mug

“F*** Off: Sorry I meant Good Morning”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls you have done it. You bloody legend, you can finally stop bashing your head against a brick wall and acting like a munted chimpanzee.

You have finally found the Most Perfect / OK / It Will Do Gift:

Not sure what to get that special someone or that someone you hate?

No, I am not looking over at you Dave…

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your sometimes friend, the office geek, water cooler BFF, or friend with benefits, We have got your back…

Yes, our team is as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.

We have taken this boring plain white mug and have made it cool again. The catchy sublimation slogan will make your unknowing recipient, pee their pants, shit their dacks, or even better yet just give you a cold but loving stare from across the room.

Simply give this to your fav friend / sucker/ person you sometimes like, to redeem a hug, kiss, slap or even a punch in the face.

It’s like the thrill of unwrapping a Chrissie pressie from your old Aunt Edna, you will never know the reaction until it is open.

Meticulously handcrafted:
Ground to a clay pulp, tossed around for hours, pummeled into shape then glazed like a turkey. As if this is not enough each ceramic mug then goes through the gates of hell and is fired at over 2000(°F) before being tenderly caressed with an amazing award-winning* design.

(*award still pending)

Thoughtful Size:
325ml (11oz’s for those less refined) makes it the perfect size for holding hot and cold drinks or hiding that afternoon tipple that’s needed to get you through the day. You can really wrap your laughing gear ’round that.

Large Handle:
Cunningly designed with a handle that even a 3 fingered monkey could grab after a night on the turps.

Born To Last:

Unlike last week’s Lotto ticket, you are onto a winner with this mug – Zap it in a microwave or throw it in the dishwasher the print is made to last.

A random surprise:

Everyone (almost) loves a funny, unique, pretty, or personal, gift. And with our special just in time ordering, you can even spin a yarn by saying this mug was carefully handcrafted by a tribe of banana eating monkeys based in the Wop-wops (USA) just for them.

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